Full Of Myself

"Written with devoted passion and brutal honesty, Full of Myself  lays bare Johnny's bipolar mix of privilege and pain, wizardry and dysfunction. Master of friction and momentum, the living embodiment of poetry in motion turns his hand to pen with great effect."
Leo Houlding

"It's brilliant - frank, funny, telling his full life story, not just the climbing.  And the climbing accounts are riveting as well. A great read from cover to cover."
Sir Chris Bonington

"Much like his climbing, his imagination leaps.  This is a beautiful book about an extraordinary person.  William Blake with sticky boots."
Simon Beaufoy (Academy Award Winning Screen Writer - Slum Dog Millionaire, Full Monty, 127 Hours)

"I don't climb, I ride bikes, but this book got me by the balls!!!"
Steve Peat (World Downhill Mountainbike champion)

"Johnny always seemed some kind of freak from the very first picture of him I ever saw. I could see positive freakiness that made him go out of the ordinary, to climb those things that must be admired and that should inspire many to come."
Adam Ondra

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