Johnny Dawes Johnny Dawes <![CDATA[The Best Forgotten Art DVD]]> The Best Forgotten Art is a classic climbing film tracing the origins of the hand jam.

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<![CDATA[Stone Monkey DVD]]> "The first one of its kind an still one of the best – truly inspiring"
Jerry Moffat

"Had my palms sweating, a powerful film, perhaps the best pure rock climbing film I’ve seen (1988)… and perhaps still is (2005)"
Leo Dickinson

"Creative, fun and way ahead of its time"
Lynn Hill

"The Great Wall saga and the unfinished story of the Indian Face is one of the most hallowed tales in British climbing.  The line between genius and insanity has never been so blurred"
Leo Houlding

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Johnny new routing in the film Welsh Connections.

Steve Mcclure climbs the classic Johnny Dawes route The Quarryman.

Johnny returns to Rainbow slab in the Slate quarries of North Wales with Paul Pritchard

One of Johnny's pupils breaks his speed record for climbing this classic slab at Froggat Edge.

Climbing on Foula : Pete Willance, Murray Hamilton et al climbing on Foula's huge sea cliff. Featuring a cameo by Johnny Dawes.

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<![CDATA[ShAFF Trailer]]> Johnny will be appearing at ShAFF on March 10th 2012.
If you want to see more or find out what's going on click on the link

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<![CDATA[Frontier Interviews Johnny Dawes plus Chance to Win a Climbing Session with the Man Himself.]]> Frontier was established in 1989 as a non-profit conservation and development non-governmental organisation (NGO). Dedicated to safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystem integrity the organisation builds sustainable livelihoods for marginalised communities in the world's poorest countries. Read Johnny’s interview with Frontier’s blog, Into The Wild and find out how you could win yourself a free climbing session with the man himself plus a copy of his new book ‘Full of Myself’.

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<![CDATA[It's about doing something that's fun… and impossible]]> Guardian Article 22nd December 2011

Fearless rock climber Johnny Dawes explains what triggered his desire for danger, why taking risks is one way of finding out who you really are, and why, despite the dangers, climbing should be a source of enjoyment.

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<![CDATA[Full Of Myself]]> "Written with devoted passion and brutal honesty, Full of Myself  lays bare Johnny's bipolar mix of privilege and pain, wizardry and dysfunction. Master of friction and momentum, the living embodiment of poetry in motion turns his hand to pen with great effect."
Leo Houlding

"It's brilliant - frank, funny, telling his full life story, not just the climbing.  And the climbing accounts are riveting as well. A great read from cover to cover."
Sir Chris Bonington

"Much like his climbing, his imagination leaps.  This is a beautiful book about an extraordinary person.  William Blake with sticky boots."
Simon Beaufoy (Academy Award Winning Screen Writer - Slum Dog Millionaire, Full Monty, 127 Hours)

"I don't climb, I ride bikes, but this book got me by the balls!!!"
Steve Peat (World Downhill Mountainbike champion)

"Johnny always seemed some kind of freak from the very first picture of him I ever saw. I could see positive freakiness that made him go out of the ordinary, to climb those things that must be admired and that should inspire many to come."
Adam Ondra

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<![CDATA[Lectures]]> What some people have said about Johnny...

“Johnny Dawes is already a legend in British climbing. In 1986, he was responsible for perhaps the most inspired new route in the sport's recent history, a climb called Indian Face on the Welsh crag Clogwyn d'ur Arddu. A fall from its hardest move would most likely be fatal. But Dawes is much more than a risk-taker; his rich imagination for climbing has left outstanding new routes all over the country, not least on the gritstone edges of Derbyshire where his bold and fluid style pushed the barriers of the possible beyond the imagination of almost all his contemporaries. He is an artist really, with a warrior spirit”
Ed Douglas, Writer and journalist

“Each generation produces a handful of visionaries, people who can see beyond the possible. Whether he likes it or not, Johnny is climbing’s visionary. William Blake with sticky boots.”
Simon Beaufoy, Academy Award winning screenwriter of 127 Hours, The Full Monty, and Slumdog Millionaire

“I’ve been fortunate to climb with some of the best climbers of the last 30 years, Fawcett, Moon, Moffat, McClure, but only when climbing with Johnny have I been baffled and bemused. To watch him climb in his prime was something special, so special that some dismissed it as an oddity, don’t be fooled, the term great is rarely bestowed on anyone in climbing but Johnny is one of the greats.”


Johnny Dawes' shows

I've two different talks. One is a biographical audiovisual talk with readings from my 2011 book Full of Myself,  the other is a lecture on improving co-ordination with film, physical demonstration and... challenges to the audience - A Body of Knowledge.

Johnny Says: "I've put some real effort into sorting through the films/readings/photos I have to put together a modern show to share the experiences that have left their mark on me. I enjoy telling people I don't know about things that interest me, try to make them laugh or gasp. Including space for Q and A it lasts about 90 minutes. So far people seem to have really enjoyed it."


What People have said about Johnny's talks

Hi, Just wanted to say that the talk you did at Rheged a couple of weeks ago was awesome, a fine way to spend a Sunday evening. The bits you read from your book were great and the footage you showed was truly inspiring. I was there with two lads from my work and all we did on Monday was talk about you!! So cheers for coming to Penrith and I look forward to the book coming out.
Greig Crawford

Hey Johnny, I hear my brother Juddy Hirst was at your talk the other night in Kendal and found it very entertaining.
Julian Hirst

Johnny, I have been waiting at least 15 years for the evening tonight - since I started reading about the exciting climbing news from UK in mid '90. Thanks for the fantastic journey in time and talk at the end of the evening.
Mateusz Loskot

 thanks for the thought-provoking lecture and chat yesterday.
Andrew Gibb

Gracias señor de la roca. Thanks for the interesting live story climbing lecture. I really enjoy it. Great to know that you still a rock addict.

Saw your lecture on Thursday night in Manchester and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it – really interesting and very funny too, nice one.
Tex Ward

If you want to discuss booking me for a lecture, be it for a school, climbing club, festival or climbing wall please get in touch.

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<![CDATA[Competitions]]> I set competitions based on proprioception and kinaesthetics. Competitions where awareness of position and feeling for movement are the primary challenge. These form a fitting compliment to the power centred approach. since they are often on less steep terrain and allow the client to expand the extent of a dual style comp. It is my intention to share my full understanding of how to innovate movement using imagination..

Fri, 21 Oct 2011 17:24:00 BST